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This year has been a year of change: a change of the world, a change of ourselves, a change of our habits and attitudes to different parts of our lives. The behavioral shift has set new challenges to the market as well as has opened numerous new doors for the creators to promote in brand new ways. The holiday season 2020 is going to be far from what one could expect. That said, now is the time to start planning and, what’s more important, rethinking your holiday marketing.

Here’s an Insense summary of 6 holiday marketing ideas for small business that will help you pass this holiday season with flying colors.

Discover your brand’s particular holiday side

Focus on your mission and try to bring it together with the holidays you’re working on in your marketing campaign. Sounds easy, right? In practice, it’s not that complicated either. Here are three key points to bear in mind:

Simplicity. No need to spend excessive budgets on excessive ideas. For the past decades, everything around us has become so excessive in itself that the only things we strive for today are ease and simplicity.

Personalization. We live in the times when a personal approach plays the leading role. The closer to the heart of your customer you get, the better it pays off in the end.

Sharing. It comes as no surprise that word of mouth is the best promotion ‘tool’. Make your customers talk about you.

Discover your brand’s particular holiday side

Find the authentic way to engage your customers

If you still have time, generate interest with pre-holiday campaigns. Intrigue your customers and motivate them, evoke that sense of wonder. But if you’re reading this while standing at a holiday doorstep, there’s no reason to worry, there are plenty of tools for latecomers too.

One of the most effective strategies can be running a holiday-themed contest where rewards are exchanged for the content contributed by the participants. Most often the mechanism of the contest is pretty easy and includes posting photos to social media, tagging friends, and adding a specific hashtag to a post.

For e.g., you can try running a photo contest. Customers like creative interactions which give them new ways to express their originality. Offering the opportunity to have their creativity showcased is a reward in itself.

This kind of promotion is easy in execution and inexpensive to set up. You will increase your brand visibility because people will be sharing the content related to your brand.

If you need some ideas for such a contest, here are a few from us:

  • The best selfie alongside snowman, Christmas tree, or any other holiday attributes;
  • The most festive table on a Thanksgiving Day
  • The best costume
  • The most unique holiday decoration
  • Family/friends photos (the most creative/awkward holiday pics)
Find the authentic way to engage your customers

Offer discounts and run giveaways

Who doesn’t like promotions? Silence. In 2019, price was a top consideration for surveyed consumers online with many holiday shoppers buying on Mega Sales Days. Promotions are always of great help to boost the buying spirit of customers, and can be of many forms: discount codes, extra gifts for a purchase, bonus points, vouchers for services or products of your partners, which takes us to the point of cross-promotion and collab ads that can be win-win both ways.

To make your customers feel extra special and cared for during the holidays, you can present them with exclusive offers. That is to offer discounts for following your company on social media or signing up for the company newsletter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a discount code for 10% or 25%, in the long run, you will reap only benefits for your brand. Be generous to your customers and they will pay you back three times over. Literally.

Running a contest or offering discounts you get:

  • increased visibility and sales
  • new customers in both electronic and physical stores
  • deepened brand loyalty.
Offer discounts and run giveaways

Dress up your site in a festive holiday outfit

Today digital takes over physical. This is the reality we live in. In 2020, retail growth is forecast to come from digital and mobile. COVID-19 outbreak has further accelerated the growth of online shopping. 59% of adults surveyed plan to spend less time in stores or visit stores less frequently because of COVID-19. Decorated shop windows' displays are magic but today work more like honoring the holiday customs and keeping the atmosphere. Christmas trees in shopping malls are fairy but today serve more like a great background for your selfie to participate in a social media contest. This is 2020, baby.

People are getting used to interacting with brands from the comfort of their homes. This, in its turn, gives businesses an amazing set of opportunities to touch upon those holiday heartstrings, while they look into your products this holiday season.

When customers open your site, Instagram, or Facebook page, they should plunge into the festive atmosphere of a certain holiday, welcomed with special promotions and holiday-themed designs. Showcase products in more compelling ways. Make your customers stay for as long as you want, offering them an enjoyable experience of browsing through your products and services.

Dress up your site in a festive holiday outfit

Give your customers a memorable unboxing experience

Unboxing photos and videos on social media has become a goldmine for content creators and marketing professionals. By encouraging customers to post their brand experiences, you create a load of free publicity. Today, when our attention spans have never been shorter, the unboxing content is very engaging, because it allows us to live through other people's experiences in our imagination.

Be it dressing up your products with holiday-themed imagery or redesigning the packages, if executed in a way that will make your brand stand out, you’re in for success.

Give your customers a memorable unboxing experience

Do social media posts

This one is pretty obvious but we can’t leave it without mentioning. While consumers may not be requesting Christmas gifts from atop Santa’s lap anymore, they WILL be turning to social media to get inspiration and ideas for the festive season. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social platforms give businesses a lot of creative space. Facebook and Instagram are a powerful tool for reaching both gift-givers and potential recipients — 71% of Facebook and/or Instagram users surveyed globally in 2018 said they find the platforms to be influential in their Christmas shopping decisions. The talk about this may last for hours, time is money, so we just want to outline some important ideas that may be of use for you now.

  • Style your posts with festive content (it’s a holiday season, fill your customers’ feed with magic)
  • Create gift guides (show off your products and offer unique ways of gifting to your customers)
  • Use holiday hashtags (many people browse social media via hashtags to find what they are looking for; #halloween, #pumpkin, #christmas2021, #giftideas, you get it right)

When everything is said, it’s time to act. And if you’re Santa, then we’re your elves who will help you with creating outstanding content. With Insense you can make tapping into the creative power of your audience as easy as making a few clicks. The platform gives you direct access to over 35,000 talented creators, ranging from motion designers and Instagram influencers to TikTok innovators, capable of reinventing the way your product and brand are presented to the audience this holiday season. Check out our website and let’s explore the new marketing territories together!